Washington Legal Resources

When you need information about business laws in Washington, it makes it easier to find them all in one place. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favorite legal resources right here for your browsing pleasure. You’ll find links to state law databases, scholarly articles on important business regulations, videos that explain complex legal processes, and helpful websites for the average business owner.

SlideShare Presentations

Check out these helpful business law presentations for more information on a variety of topics:

Helpful Websites

Northwest Business Law LLC

To learn more about specific business law issues or to speak with a Seattle business attorney, the Northwest Business Law website offers both options. Here you can find out more about attorney Eric Helmy, ask him questions, read about the services he offers, and learn about his intelligent business litigation strategies. When resources aren’t enough, it’s time to go to the source and request a free consultation from an experienced business lawyer.

Small Business Association – Seattle District

Whether you’re starting a business in Washington, looking to restructure your business entity, or simply need state-specific business advice, the Small Business Association is always a great resource. They have a great blog, access to local business mentors, links to lenders in your area, and a calendar of events for workshops and networking.

Internal Revenue Service

In order to register your business, you’ll need to head to the IRS website. The Internal Revenue Service will issue you an EIN. This Employer Identification Number is used for most corporate entities. If you are a Sole Proprietor, you may use your SSN instead, but for privacy purposes, it’s a good idea to purchase a TIN, Tax ID Number, or EIN. You’ll need this in order to register your business with Washington State.

Washington State Department of Revenue

If you’re starting a business or changing your corporate entity in Washington, you need to make sure your company is properly registered. This allows the state to track your transactions for tax purposes. You can also find links to file and pay your taxes here, though we recommend working with a tax professional when the time comes to do this to make sure you don’t underpay and end up with an audit.


ReciProty is a business networking website that works much like LinkedIn. The only difference, is that it allows you to connect with and target potential clients based on location. This allows you to find business and community resources in your area, to network and learn from experienced professionals, and to market directly to clients in Washington (or any area you specify). It’s a great place to get leads and boost your business.

The Washington State Bar Association

The Washington State Bar Association, commonly referred to as the WSBA, isn’t just a resource for lawyers. An entire section of the site is devoted to the public, with information for any Washington resident or professional.

Gallagher Law Library – Washington State Law

You can find an entire section devoted to Washington State Law at the Gallagher Law Library of the University of Washington School of Law. This resource offers many quick links to information about Washington Law. You can also search their entire library database for scholarly journal articles on any business law topics.

Washington State Legislature

The Washington State Legislature features a searchable database for bills and documents you may find helpful. From here, you can also head to the Washington Senate and the House of Representatives as well. You’ll be able to search their database for documents by year, topic, or government branch.