Protect your games and apps from copyright infringement

Defending Tech Copyright Infringement Claims for Games and Apps

If you are a game or app developer – whether amateur or professional, young or old, new or experienced in the industry – a copyright infringement claim against you can be devastating. A claim that you stole someone else’s work is bad for your business relations and reputation as a developer, as well as your creative integrity. It is of the utmost importance that you defend such a claim with vigilance and a well-thought out strategy.

Why You Should Defend Yourself

Just like in a role-playing game, where you are a brave warrior protecting your castle, you should treat a case like this as though your life and livelihood depended on it. You have much more at stake if you lose than might appear at first glance. Paying the damages is always a hard pill to swallow, but in the tech and game industry, credibility and originality are important resources. A claim you stole from someone else could ruin your reputation in the developer community permanently. For your own sake and for the sake of your games, defending yourself should be your top priority.

Seek Legal Advice

As Games Industry International points out, big game companies are often sued, and these intellectual litigation, or IP litigation, nightmares often end in settlements out of court. But in the case of smaller companies and developers, the patent litigation case could most certainly have to work itself out in the courtroom. In either scenario, a copyright law attorney is a necessity to succeed at any kind of defense. Just as a brave warrior does not go into battle without a sword and shield, neither should a defendant attempt a copyright infringement defense without the proper legal counsel.

Your Defense

One of the best defenses for your claim to the games and apps you develop is the official intellectual property documentation you filed. Copyrights and trademarks in your name are government documentation that the idea was yours. If your copyright was filed before the plaintiff’s, then you have compelling evidence the idea was yours first. You’ll also want to establish you independently came up with the ideas being disputed. Look to your attorney for more details about your specific case, as that is the only way to come up with a solid defense for any copyright infringement claim.

If you have been accused of copyright infringement for any games or apps that you have developed, or you are looking to prevent such a case, contact your local Seattle IP litigation lawyer at Northwest Business Law Group immediately for details on how you can go about protecting yourself.

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