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Protect your games and apps from copyright infringement

Defending Tech Copyright Infringement Claims for Games and Apps

If you are a game or app developer - whether amateur or professional, young or old, new or experienced in the industry - a copyright infringement claim against you can be devastating. A claim that you stole someone else’s work is bad for your business relations and reputation as a developer, as well as your … Continue Reading ››
Meet with a reputable commercial property lawyer

The Importance of Language in Your Commercial Lease

If you ever experienced a commercial lease agreement, then you know how complex it is and how important it is to nail down every detail. Otherwise, the acquisition of the new business might not go through. The most important aspect of the deal is the contract itself, and the language used in it must be … Continue Reading ››
Woman in business

Finding Venture Capital Funding for Women?

Women often find it very difficult to break into the world of business, and it is especially difficult in the venture capital sector. This includes women working in venture capital and those looking to and receiving venture capital funding. According to Forbes, only three percent of venture capitalists … Continue Reading ››
Know Seattle's door-to-door sales laws before you start soliciting.

Door-to-Door Sales Laws in Washington

In an economy in which online storefronts and social media are increasingly important, it’s easy to overlook the time-tested method of generating sales by going door-to-door. You may not reach hundreds of potential customers with one click of the button, but talking to someone face-to-face can be an effective way of generating interest, demonstrating what … Continue Reading ››
Protect your Seattle wages and hours

Raising Minimum Employment Wages in Seattle

Seattle’s new Mayor, Ed Murray, began to form a plan that would enable all city workers to be paid $15 an hour beginning in 2014. Currently, this higher employment wage is only implemented in the SeaTac community close to Seattle. This month, though, labor activists in Seattle filed paperwork for a Seattle city charter amendment … Continue Reading ››
Small Business Lawsuit

What to Do Now to Prevent a Small Business Lawsuit Later

Our society is hungry for lawsuits. It seems some people seek out business litigations in Seattle purposely either for money or to prove a point. While any business can suffer, a business lawsuit is especially harmful small businesses that don’t have the finances to pay lawyer fees, court costs, and settlements. There are, though, steps … Continue Reading ››