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Copyright Lawsuit IP Litigation Attorney in Seattle

Increase in Lawsuits for IP Litigation Attorneys in Seattle

According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, there has been a noticeable increase recently in lawsuits for IP litigation attorneys in Seattle, and some experts in both business and law groups are trying to figure out exactly why. IP lawsuits are focused around cases … Continue Reading ››
Minimum Wage and Hour Defense Federal Lawsuit

Federal Lawsuit Filed over Seattle’s New Not-So-Minimum Wage

A new federal lawsuit has been filed against Seattle for its controversial new $15 per hour minimum wage, which would apply to companies with over 500 employees by 2017. This includes those companies who franchise, including most fast food restaurants. Businesses with fewer than … Continue Reading ››
Seattle Business Attorney for Disclosure Violation Case

Airline Disclosure Violations Issued by DOT

The Department of Transportation has fined three major airlines for disclosure violations, and this accusation is an important one. The penalties placed on these three companies are severe and correspond to the crime they have committed. The three carriers being charged by the Department of … Continue Reading ››

Business Lawsuit: Uber Sued by Washington Taxi Cab Operations Association

The Western Washington Taxi Cab Operators Association is under attack from Uber, a rideshare and unlicensed taxicab service runing in Seattle as well as 44 other cities in North America and 30 countries worldwide. Recently, the Operators Association filed a business lawsuit against the app-based transportation company in the Seattle and King County area … Continue Reading ››
Defend a breach of contract claim in seattle

Ways to Defend a Breach of Contract Claim

Being on the receiving end of a breach of contract claim is a serious matter that requires a solid defense. A breach of contract is defined by the legal dictionary as “failing to perform any term of a contract, written or oral, without a legitimate excuse.” That … Continue Reading ››