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Minimum Wage and Hour Defense Federal Lawsuit

Federal Lawsuit Filed over Seattle’s New Not-So-Minimum Wage

A new federal lawsuit has been filed against Seattle for its controversial new $15 per hour minimum wage, which would apply to companies with over 500 employees by 2017. This includes those companies who franchise, including most fast food restaurants. Businesses with fewer than … Continue Reading ››
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Economy Forces Employers to Defend Wave of Discrimination Lawsuits

Who knew that when the economy hit the skids, employers should have started setting aside funds for discrimination defense? In 2008 and again in 2010 and 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported record-setting numbers of claims being filed. While the total number of charges decreased slightly in … Continue Reading ››
Airport workers wait to see if Seattle employment law increases their wages.

Employment Law Problems at SeaTac

Problems at airports have become so common that it’s almost a cliché, but employment law issues there are somewhat unexpected. Unfortunately, in the wake of new city law that increased the minimum wage to $15 per hour, employees and employers at SeaTac International Airport are facing upheaval and uncertainty over whether the wage increase applies … Continue Reading ››
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Three Important Washington Business Laws

Recent articles in the Washington Post and the Seattle Times have drawn attention to two groups of employees caught up in SeaTac’s new minimum wage law. The first group, airport contract workers, may not be subject to the … Continue Reading ››
Know Seattle's door-to-door sales laws before you start soliciting.

Door-to-Door Sales Laws in Washington

In an economy in which online storefronts and social media are increasingly important, it’s easy to overlook the time-tested method of generating sales by going door-to-door. You may not reach hundreds of potential customers with one click of the button, but talking to someone face-to-face can be an effective way of generating interest, demonstrating what … Continue Reading ››
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Raising Minimum Employment Wages in Seattle

Seattle’s new Mayor, Ed Murray, began to form a plan that would enable all city workers to be paid $15 an hour beginning in 2014. Currently, this higher employment wage is only implemented in the SeaTac community close to Seattle. This month, though, labor activists in Seattle filed paperwork for a Seattle city charter amendment … Continue Reading ››
SeaTac New Pay Ordinance causes lawsuit.

SeaTac’s New Pay Ordinance Tested in Business Lawsuit

On January 1st , 2014, SeaTac in Washington State passed a new pay ordinance raising the minimum wage to $15. This hasn’t been a problem for businesses in the area so far, until this past March. Airport parking company, Extra Car, failed to raise their employee’s wages to the new $15 minimum, which caused employee … Continue Reading ››

Business Lawsuit: Uber Sued by Washington Taxi Cab Operations Association

The Western Washington Taxi Cab Operators Association is under attack from Uber, a rideshare and unlicensed taxicab service runing in Seattle as well as 44 other cities in North America and 30 countries worldwide. Recently, the Operators Association filed a business lawsuit against the app-based transportation company in the Seattle and King County area … Continue Reading ››
Guns in the Workplace Seattle Business Law

Are Your Employees Packing Heat? The Law on Guns in the Workplace

For you, it might be anything from irritating to downright scary to think that your employees could be carrying guns at work. It’s not paranoia on your part to be nervous about it, considering recent tragedies involving firearms in other states. At the same time, you should understand to what extent firearm regulations and laws … Continue Reading ››