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Need to find a Seattle business lawyer? Northwest Business Law LLC serves business owners in Washington from our Seattle office. Owner and business attorney Eric Helmy is a skilled litigator who takes pride in being your legal advocate. He offers his business law expertise in a variety of service areas using advanced strategies designed to help Seattle businesses succeed.

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Take a look at the categories below and click the one you think fits your situation best. If you’re unsure, that’s OK. A Seattle business lawyer is available for a consultation in case you don’t find the answers you need here:

Business Dispute Assistance

If you’re having a problems with a partner, employee, or competitor and it’s affecting your business, it’s time to learn about your options. Business attorney Eric Helmy has extensive experience assisting clients with partnership disputes and legal problems relating to agreement violations and other business crimes. Find out if your business dispute has legal grounds and whether mediation, arbitration, or litigation would be your best course of action.

Business Planning, Set-Ups, and Strategies

Partnership disputes and business lawsuits can often be avoided by simply investing the money and time to set your business up properly. Eric Helmy is available to help you with your business planning no matter what stage your company is in. As your company lawyer, Eric can guide you through the best corporate structure for your set-up, strategies to improve your business plan, and the positives and negatives of important transactions.

Contract Drafting, Enforcement, and Defense

When starting a business, a new business relationship, or a professional project, you need to have a legally binding contract in place. An effective contract can prevent costly litigation down the road, and, most importantly, it can protect the value of your company. Eric Helmy’s meticulous contract drafting and review services are perfect for laying the legal groundwork for your business and business transactions. Additionally, as your company attorney, he can carry out contract enforcement should there be a breach and defend your company if a contract lawsuit is brought against you.

Corporate Lawsuits and Litigation

When negotiations and settlements have failed, it’s time to face the reality of a corporate lawsuit. You don’t have to face the intimidating world of business litigation alone though. Eric Helmy is an experienced Seattle litigator who uses advanced discovery strategies and an aggressive offensive approach. Discuss your business lawsuit during a consultation and get honest advice about the strength of your case, the costs involved, and the recommended strategies moving forward.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property encompasses much more than your logo or company name. In fact, it’s trade secrets that make up much of the value of a business. If someone is infringing on your intellectual property rights, it’s important to defend them with the services of a local IP litigation attorney like Eric Helmy. As a business owner and attorney, Eric understands the value of your unique methods, creative works, targeted contacts, and business model and will fight to defend them should you be faced with an intellectual property lawsuit.

Legal Defense for Business Lawsuits

While it’s nice when you have the upper hand by filing a lawsuit against someone else, it doesn’t always happen that way. When you are the defendant in a corporate lawsuit, you must act quickly to catch up with the other side. Consult a business litigation lawyer immediately after being notified of your lawsuit. Eric will let you know what information to bring to your consultation, so he can begin the discovery phase as soon as possible. From there, he will help you understand your legal defense options and make recommendations for the next phase of business litigation.

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If you’re passionate enough to turn what you love into a company, then you need a Seattle business attorney who’s just as passionate about protecting the legal intricacies of your Washington business. Make an appointment for a consultation with Eric Helmy and take steps to secure your company’s legal future.

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